Facility Overview


Generations of Southern California brides have discovered Church of the Chimes to be the perfect location for the wedding of their dreams. Whether it is a elegant wedding in our beautiful Sanctuary, a more intimate ceremony in lovely Staves Chapel, the romantic charm of the Chapel of the Garden, or the informality in the vaulted living room of the Hamilton House mansion, the Church of the Chimes is a wonderful place for your special day.

The Chimes Sanctuary can accommodate 605 people. Guests are provided with excellent viewing lines due to the slope of the main floor and the two level chancel, as well as the large balcony.

Staves Chapel can comfortably handle weddings of up to 125 guests, while the Chapel of the Garden and Hamilton House are best suited for parties of two dozen or less.

The primary wedding site is, of course, Chimes Sanctuary. Beginning with the Narthex (lobby) with its crystal chandelier, guests enter the vaulted nave of the lovely and serene Sanctuary. Ahead of them is the chancel with the five candelabrum, decorated for the festivities, the magnificent stained glass cross and a view of the Chapel of the Garden with its multi-level fountain.

Chimes Sanctuary is a favorite of both wedding florists and wedding photographers. It offers nearly unlimited options for their creativity in providing for the bride's ideas and wishes.  The balcony offers a wonderful view of the ceremony - perfect for wedding photos. The lovely and feminine Bride´s Room features lots of mirrors and an adjacent make-up bar area. It is ideal for pre-wedding photography of the bride and her attendants.

Church of the Chimes will also accommodate your wedding reception in spacious Bower Hall which seats 300 guests, and has a generously sized kitchen.  Although the Church does not generally allow alcoholic beverages, a champagne toast is permitted. Hamilton House, with its huge patio and swimming pool, two-story living room with overhanging balcony (a perfect place for the bride to stand when she throws her flowers!!), and dining room provides a perfect setting for a more intimate reception.

For further information when you're planning a wedding, large or small, with or without a reception, or you know someone that is, please contact us at 818-789-7124 / office@churchofthechimes.org


We host many events at our facilities:  Receptions, Memorial Services, Bridal Showers, plus many more.  We offer many options and can accommodate events from very small to very large in size.  Please call us for further information.


The buildings and grounds of Church of the Chimes are ideal for a wide variety of on-location film shoots. Our complex has been used for both interior and exterior shots in commercials, television shows, and films.

More Information

Conveniently located, the campus itself covers nearly 5 acres. Buildings include:

  • Chimes Sanctuary, with nave, seats 605
  • Staves Chapel, with nave, seats 125
  • Hamilton House - the original mansion on the property
  • Bower Hall - an auditorium/gymnasium type facility with a stage and full kitchen, standing capacity 600, seats 300
  • Dreier Hall with Kitchen
  • Chimes Nursery School
  • Christian Education - a two story, multi-roomed building - excellent for makeup, wardrobe, holding, etc.
  • Parking Lot with accommodation for 94 cars and/or production trailers, etc.

Discover the value of Church of the Chimes as a film-friendly location.

Please call Joi Staves @ (818)-789-7124 or Contact Us for additional information.