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Walking together in Faith, Fellowship and Service...
                                     expressing hope and experiencing God's love.

Join us as we worship together Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

We invite you to join us this Sunday, October 2, 2016
  Reverend Rae Perteet preaching: Accept One Another

Children's Message in worship with Nursery care and Sunday School available for all ages

Encourage Yourself!

My heart has been encouraged by the responses during our "100 Joyful People Challenge." My spirit is lifted by the number of you who have chosen to take the challenge to spread joy in the lives of 100 other people from now until November 27th.  I have heard a number of the wonderful ways that you have initially started spreading joy.  I have heard of encouraging words, helping hands, random acts of kindness, and blessing bags being given as a vehicle to deliver joy by both our church and pre-school families.  Keep in mind, however, as you take up this challenge in the coming months to practically and purposefully create joy in the life of others that you may need to, at times, replenish your own spirit and you may have to encourage yourself. 

This is exactly what King David realized in first 1st Samuel. He was going through a rough time, to say the least, he and his men, who were fighting with a larger contingent of soldiers, had just been reassigned, told to leave battle and go back home to Ziglag. David, arrived back home at Ziglag, likely dejected from the recent dismissal, only to be greeted by clouds of smoke as his home camp had been attacked, the women, children and spoils all taken while he was away for battle. Wow, have you ever felt like David must have, when there is one string of mishaps after another in a very short period of time? Here's the good news, don't get discouraged. Don’t give up, God is a master a turning tragedy into triumph in your life. 

Here is what David did at that critical moment of decision when even his own soldiers spoke of killing him for his military oversite. Looking for support, and find nothing but despair from his men the scriptures says, "he encouraged himself." (1 Samuel 30:6)  Sometimes, you have to speak life into yourself, don't give up or give in at Ziglag. Instead, be the type of person who is not beaten because of the battles of life but is made better. In order to do so, you must, at times, encourage and feed yourself.  For David, it was likely a quiet hill, alone with music and his God that strengthened him. Where is your secret place, what feeds you?  Makes sure you don't neglect to nourish yourself. 

Here is the end of the story. David, in the midst of seeming defeat, inquired of God whether he should accept the loss or fight for what life took away. God's answer to David I believe is his answer for you. Rather than give up, God said, "Pursue for you shall surely recover all."  For David, his trail at Ziglag took only 14 months but I'm sure the pain of events felt like 14 years. But, here’s the best news of all. It was here at Ziglag that the crown that David had waited on for over 30 years was given to him. Please hear this! “the place of your greatest pain is often the place of great blessing if you do not give up.”  Ziglag may be a job, a marriage, a particularly difficult college course, etc.... We will all face our own personal Ziglag. But, at that time, whatever you do, don't give up, don't be weary while doing well.  Instead Just ENCOURAGE YOURSELF, cry if you must, but stay in the fight, your triumph is just around the corner. 

Remaining in his light,

Rev. Rae

The Community & World Service Board is our host for the 
September hospitality time after our church service.

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